2D Neoprene Terrain set - 22 pieces

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2D Neoprene Terrain set - 22 pieces

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2D Terrain set

Highest quality 2D terrain on the market. Constructed from neoprene exactly to the specifications to be compatible with the The 9th Age.

These 22 durable pieces of terrain will take your epic battles to a whole new level. Light and easy to store and transport, you will always have a great battlefield ready to use. The terrain pieces are anti-slip, and resistant to wrinks and creases.

This 2D Terrain Set comes with:

3pcs Hills - size: 6x8”
3pcs Forests - size: 6x10"
2pcs Fields - size: 6x8”
6pcs Walls - size: 1x8”
2pcs Water / Lakes - size: 6x10”
2pcs Ruins - size: 8x8”
2pcs Buildings - size: 6x8”
2pcs Rocks - size: 6x6”


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