8x Steampunk Buttons FLYWHEEL GEARS - Bronze

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8x Steampunk Buttons FLYWHEEL GEARS - Bronze

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8x Steampunk Buttons FLYWHEEL GEARS - Bronze

These button pendants have a detailed steampunk influenced design on the front and the reverse is a button loop which can be used as a pendant hanging or a stylish button added to your favorite garment. Perfect for creating a custom bracelet or necklace clasp.

Due to its large hole, this bead can be used with thicker stringing materials such as suede, leather, satin, and more. When searching for complimentary components such as chain and other findings, we suggest pieces with an antiqued finish rather than a bright finish.


- Buttons are 7/8" (23mm) diameter and approximately 8mm tall.

- Inner loop diameter 3,7mm, outer diameter 6.7mm.

Quantity: 8 Garment Button / Pendant

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