Adeptus Titanicus - Legio Solaria Transfer Sheet

  • Adorn your Knights and Titans with these gorgeous icons, kill markings, and sacred symbols
  • Proudly display the heraldry of the Legio Solaria and House Vi
  • Contains more than 350 high-quality waterslide transfers to decorate your models
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The winged claw of the Legio Solaria, as depicted upon their banners and armoured Titan hulls, tells a tale of oaths and allegiances between Tigrus and the Imperium. Their icon is adapted from the holy symbol of Pahkmetris, the huntress goddess of Procon, sister-world to Tigrus, from whom the Imperial Hunters draw their informal name. Such pagan superstitions are seldom tolerated within the Imperium, however, and so when the allegiance between the Imperial Hunters and the Emperor was forged, the wings of the Aquila were added to show the bonds between them.

This 158mm x 148mm full colour transfer sheet contains 355 high-quality waterslide transfers, sized for Adeptus Titanicus and Legions Imperialis models. These transfers proudly display the heraldry of the Legio Solaria, known as the Imperial Hunters, as well as the associated Imperial Knight House Vi.

Adorn your Knights and Titans, and mark your victories, with these gorgeous icons, kill markings, and campaign badges. The bow and claw are sacred symbols found throughout the heraldry of the Imperial Hunters, and the claw is often adapted to represent the mechanical feet of the Titans themselves.

Condition: Sealed
Material: Decals
Faction 40k: Imperial Knights
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