Blackfire Convertible Premium Deck Box Single Vertical 100+ Standard Size Cards -

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Elegant Premium Deck Box with fully removable cover.

- Keeps up to 100 double sleeved cards
- made from high quality faux leather and soft microfiber inside material
- removable cover allows free access to cards and tons of different ways how to display your deck
- very strong magnets keep your box safely closed
- totally compatible with other CONVERTIBLE products

These elegant and practical Deck Boxes are available in 5 different colours with a choice of either a horizontal or vertical layout to suit your preference.

Manufactured to the highest standards using a premium faux leather outer layer which offers an attractive tactile feel whilst providing durability and protection. The inner layer is comprised of an ultra-soft microfibre to ensure maximum protection during transportation and can carry up to 100 double sleeved cards.

The interchangeable foldable covers allow quick and easy access to your cards from all sides and is secured with 8 strong magnets to avoid opening when in transit.

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