Blackfire Dice Tray - Colosseum

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Open the gates of the Colosseum and send your dice into battle!

This unique dice tray looks like a small Colosseum and enhances your dice rolling experience in any game that includes dice. It is also perfect for role playing games or any wargames and skirmishers.

A precisely cutted playmat (ultrafine, 2mm thickness) is added to the tray to provide soft dice rolling. This playmat is interchangeable so you can swap it with a neutral green one or dont use it at all to roll your dice loudly!

Furthermore, the dice tray has a few special compartments where dice can be stored; also it has a cover (which remains fixed at the tray) and with its help the tray won't get dusty and the dice won't get lost during transportation.

The Dice Tray needs to be assembled with glue.

Size: 9x8x2 in (220x213x45 mm)

Material: HDF Wood

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