Blackfire Stitched Playmat - Ultrafine 2mm - Svetlin Velinov Edition

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Blackfire Playmats are the perfect accessory for all card games, artwork, dice rolling or just as a desktop surface. Our playmats are softly cushioned and have an Anti-Slip surface at the backside to ensure a fixed position. These mats provide a safe environment for your cards and accessories.

This playmat measures 61x35cm and has a comfortable thickness of 2mm. It comes with printed stitched borders.

The artwork is done by the well-known Magic The Gathering artist Svetlin Velinov who has created artworks for more than 150 Magic cards until now. This mysterious forest was drawn exclusively for Blackfire and makes this playmat an unique piece of art.

Signature of Svetlin and Blackfire Logo are printed on the playmat.

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