Blood Bowl:Halfling Team Pitch & Dugouts

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  • Double-sided Halfling-themed pitch with matching dugouts
  • Features a wholesome picnic feast on the sidelines, with a post-rush scene of pandemonium on the reverse
  • Includes special rules for both sides of the pitch

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Halflings are well known for their fondness of good food and drink. This is always in evidence when there's a Blood Bowl match on, making for a perfect excuse for a party. You'll find one side of the game board decorated with the trappings of a quaint rustic feast ? well-kempt prairie grass sprinkled with tiny flowers, colourful pennants, and a wide variety of picnic blankets, food and drink. The Halfling symbol of a crossed fork and knife is proudly emblazoned in the middle of the pitch.

Flip the board over to reveal the sloppy aftermath of getting a little carried away with the festivities. You'll find evidence of an immense field rush, complete with trampled grass and muddy tracks, broken bottles and barrels, and mere crumbs of the feast-that-was.

The package includes two double-sided dugouts to match the style of the pitch. Each dugout features the usual score tracker, Reserves, Knocked Out and Serious Injury boxes, touchdown trackers for both halves, and a Re-roll tracker. You'll also find rules to represent the particular features of both sides of the pitch.

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