Blood Bowl Rulebook (English)

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  • Meet your rivals across the Line of Scrimmage in the ultimate test of guts and athletic skill
  • Streamlined and updated rules make for the most exciting version of the game – ever
  • Updated team, player, and Star Player profiles for everything that’s currently available!

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Hello again, sports fans! Blood Bowl – the legendary game of fantasy football – returns for a new season of ultra-violent sports mayhem. The plays are bigger, the hits are harder, and every game will be filled with moments to remember.

No two matchups are the same. From the moment your team stomps out on the gridiron, your grit, wits, and capacity for grievous violence is put to the test. The action’s fast and furious, but if you keep your head in the game you just might best your opponent and score the most points – or make sure they can’t get back up to stop you. Fame, wealth, and glory await if you win…

Every coach, whether fresh-faced and green or hoary old pros, needs a copy of this essential update.

This 136-page hardback book is absolutely stuffed with everything a budding coach needs to know about Blood Bowl.

- The History of Blood Bowl: from the ancient origins of the game, surrounded in myth and legend, to the evolution of the modern sport. The story of Blood Bowl is as wild as the fanatics who love it.

- Rules and Regulations: streamlined and updated for the Second Season Edition. Everything is explored in detail, from the basics, to recruiting a team, through to the actions your players can take, and the aftermath of the game.

- League vs Exhibition Games: Blood Bowl can be played as one-off matches, and long-running leagues with loads of coaches competing for the top prize. Learn all about both.

- Blood Bowl Teams: Updated rules including new Region and Team Special Rules, a tiered ranking system, and rosters for all 21 current teams.

- Star Players: Every named Star Player now has their own Special Rule. Find current profiles for 23 of them here.

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