Brown Stuff Tape 36,5 inches WITH GAP

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Brown Stuff Tape 36,5 inches WITH GAP

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Kneadatite Brown Stuff it is a room-temperature curing two-part epoxy/polyamide putty. Excellent adhesion to metal, and 90 minutes of worklife.

Brown Stuff is similar to Green Stuff but sets slightly harder and remains malleable. Bown Stuff has a thicker consistency so it is a little easier to work with for beginners. Brown Stuff can be mixed with other putties to vary the carving and working texture and also the final hardness.

Cures very hard, great for finer details such as sharp tips, points, weapon blades, armours, and other hard-line details.

Both strips of material in the package are not in contact, to avoid waste of material.

This set contains 36'5 inches of material --> 92 cm WITH GAP between both materials to extend its lifetime and avoid any waste of

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