Darkly Dreaming (Audiobook) (Englisch)

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  • A Warhammer Horror audio drama
  • Written by Josh Reynolds
  • Discover darkness behind glamour and nobility in the Mortal Realms

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A Warhammer Horror audio drama

A masked ball could prove to be the inroads poet and agitator Melinno Vaasa needs to get back into the high society of Thurn. But what awaits her when the party begins is beyond her wildest nightmares?

Discover a world beyond the front lines of the war for the Mortal Realms, where conflict is considerably more subtle and sinister?

Her exile ended, Melinno Vaasa, poet and troublemaker, returns to the city of Thurn seeking to repair the shattered pieces of her life. In need of a powerful patron, she attends a masked ball hosted by High Magister Oswal, the infamous Headsman of Thurn. But Melinno finds more than she bargained for as the evening?s revels take on an unsettling air and an ancient nightmare threatens to swallow her whole.

Written by Josh Reynolds. Running time 65 minutes. Performed by Phillipe Bosher, Steve Conlin, Sean Connolly, Eva Feiler & Genevieve Swallow.

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