Datacards: Chaos Space Marines 2 (Englisch)

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  • Play Maelstrom of War missions with a Chaos-themed deck of Tactical Objectives.
  • Make managing your Stratagems, psychic powers and Prayers to the Dark Gods simple.

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Bitte beachte, dass es sich um ein Produkt in englischer Sprache handelt.

Plot the downfall of the False Emperor (or anyone else you?re battling!) with these datacards ? an invaluable reference resource for Chaos Space Marines players. These cards are designed to make referencing key information in your games simpler, meaning less time trying to find the right page in your codex, and more time to crush the thin-blooded whelps who dare stand before you!

In this set, you'll find easy-reference cards for 27 Stratagems, 16 psychic powers, and 10 Prayers to the Dark Gods, plus a full deck of Tactical Objectives cards.

Please note ? you'll need a copy of Codex: Chaos Space Marines to use this set.

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