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Neoprene, mousepad rubber based Objective markers (1 - 6) with 6" diameter and marked middle point. With highly detailed printed design.

Can be used in Warhammer 40 000 to determine unit scoring.

Mat features:


- 6 numbered objective markers

- 6" diameter

- marked middle point

- lays perfectly flat, no dog ears

- 2mm thick durable rubber material

- water proof

- no light reflections


Disclaimer: Due to nature of the material the size of diameter of 6 inches can slightly differ (from 1mm to 2mm). In case there is a 2 mm difference you can use marked middle point to measure exact 3 inch distance from the middle of the marker to dertemine scoring.

This could be possibly needed only in sitiuations where competing units are in a 1mm or 2mm dispute about determining who scores the objective.

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