Necromunda: House Of Faith (English)

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  • The definitive guide to all things House Cawdor
  • Explore the background and history of this devotional house
  • Contains everything you need to rule the underhive through the application of faith and fire

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From the outside, other Necromundans see House Cawdor as bonepickers, scavengers and beggars, little better than hive rats. But House Cawdor has faith, a faith so strong that it has been saved from extinction where so many other Clan Houses have succumbed to the march of time or other disasters.

Get the ultimate guide to House Cawdor. This 136-page hardback book features the definitive history of the House and rules for fielding the eight different types of fighters available to House Cawdor – Word-Keepers, Priests, Firebrands, Deacons, Cawdor Brethren, Redemptionist Brethren, Bonepickers, and Zealots. It's ideal for fans of House Cawdor or anyone who wants to delve deeper into the dark side of the underhive.

Inside this book you will find:

– House Cawdor History and Background: An expansive and extensive background on the origins of House Cawdor and how it went on to become the largest clan on Necromunda.

– House Cawdor Gang List: All the rules you need in order to field a Cawdor Gang in games of Necromunda, including rules for using Redemptionists in your gangs or for fielding gangs made entirely of these flaming zealots.

– Hangers-on and Brutes: Rules for hiring Hangers-on and Brutes for your Gang, including Cawdor-specific ones and for using them in games of Necromunda.

– Hired Guns: Rules for using Bounty Hunters, House Agents, and Hive Scum.

– Strong Alliances: Rules for forming alliances with three organisations that House Cawdor has connections with, including the Corpse Guild, Rogue Factoria, and House Ko'iron – the Noble House that backs the House of Faith.

– Additional Rules: This section includes new and additional rules usable by House Cawdor gangs in games of Necromunda, providing Cawdor players a variety of options, including Skills, Abilities, and gang-specific terrain.

– Weapon Reference Chart: A comprehensive weapons reference chart for all weapons and wargear available to House Cawdor and their Allies.

– House Cawdor Gang Tactics: A D66 table of Gang Tactics for use in Scenarios.

– Dramatis Personae: Rules for hiring and using four brand-new Dramatis Personae characters in your games of Necromunda.

This is an expansion to Necromunda – you'll need a copy of the Necromunda Rulebook or the Necromunda: Dark Uprising Rulebook to use the contents of this book.

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