Star Wars: Destiny - Awakenings 2-Player Game Mat

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Span the space between two players with the massive, 26” by 26”
natural rubber Awakenings Two-Player Gamemat, allowing you both to
enjoy a clean, classy play surface simultaneously. When Star Wars™:
Destiny releases, you’ll immediately be cast straight into the Star Wars
saga, playing out the stunning battles from the movies or creating your
own battles from your imagination. With plenty of space for all your
cards and protection from spills or stains on the table, the Awakenings
Two-Player Gamemat is the ideal surface for your games. This playmat
even features art of Kylo Ren and Rey, evoking their duel at the end of
The Force Awakens as you play out your own duels within the game.

• A massive playmat that invites two players to pit their favorite Star
Wars characters against each other in their games of Destiny
• Gorgeous artwork of Rey and Kylo Ren from The Force Awakens
draws you into the Star Wars universe
• The perfect play surface for Star Wars: Destiny, with clearly marked
areas for all cards
• Protect your cards from wet or sticky surfaces with this natural
rubber, 26” by 26” playmat.

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