Star Wars Destiny Dice Binders 2018

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Signal your skill and resourcefulness from the moment you first sit down

to the table. The Boba Fett Dice Binder for Star Wars?: Destiny offers

durable protection and organization for all the dice and cards from

your favorite Destiny deck. Its plastic tray neatly arranges your dice in

rows, keeping their faces visible and easy to locate, while its stunning

artwork immerses you more fully in the Star Wars galaxy. With this Dice

Binder, you?ll be able to channel your inner Boba Fett, surprising and

intimidating your opponent as you quietly whip each new die out of

your arsenal.

? Able to secure 44 sleeved cards and 44 dice

? Protect your favorite Destiny deck in style

? Ultra-durable and convenient construction allows for easy

transportation and security of tournament legal decks

? Beautiful artwork of Boba Fett signals to your opponent the lengths

to which you?ll go to ensure victory!

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