Star Wars: X-Wing 2.Edition - BTA-NR2-Y-Wing Expansion - Englisch

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The BTA-NR2 Y-wing was designed as a craft capable of filling nearly any role with the right suite of modifications. The standard wartime loadout has been reworked as a separate upgrade module, making the craft lighter and more user-friendly. An ideal choice for small planetary governments, independent security operations, or even criminal cartels. This expansion includes everything players need to add two of these reworked starfighters into their Star Wars TM: X-Wing collection, beginning with two beautifully painted BTA-NR2 Ywing miniatures.

Additionally, beings from across the galaxy flock to join the Resistance, and 12 ship cards let them hand pick the right pilots for their strategy. The BTA-NR2 Y-wing is highly versatile and 18 upgrade cards invite players to customize their ships to meet your parameters. Finally, four Quick Build cards help players combine pilots and upgrades to jump into missions as fast as possible.


  • 2 BTA-NR2 Y-Wing Ships
  • 2 Small Plastic Bases
  • 4 Plastic Pegs
  • 2 Dials
  • 4 Quick Build Cards
  • 12 Ship Cards
  • 18 Upgrade Cards
  • 47 Tokens

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