Warcry: Catacombs (English)

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  • The perfect way to start playing Warcry
  • Fight thrilling underground skirmishes
  • Includes two warbands

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Stretching beneath the surface of the Eightpoints are dungeons of vast scale and formidable complexity; bloodstained catacombs where warriors of the Dark Gods engage in brutal, claustrophobic skirmishes fought over territory, plunder or simply to earn the favour of their pitiless patrons. Of these vast complexes, few are more fiercely contested than the infernal forge of Varanthax’s Maw.

Brutal skirmish battles. Incredible stories. The darkest depths of the Mortal Realms. All this awaits in Warcry: Catacombs – a new starter set for the game of warband combat in the Age of Sigmar that brings a new dimension to your games. Choose from two warbands and fight fast-paced battles, either in one-off bouts or sprawling campaigns where your fighters grow and develop. Set up tactically deep battlefields in moments with boards, bridges, doors, and scenery pieces. Explore the depths of Chaos with new lore that sheds light on one of Warhammer’s darkest factions.

This massive boxed set contains:
- The Warcry Core book – covering the basic rules and lore of the game, teaching you how to play and letting you discover the world and lore of the Eightpoints
- The Catacombs supplement – a book that explores the terrifying depths of Varanthrax’s Maw, allowing you to fight your battles underground
- Scions of the Flame – an 8 model warband that uses fire-themed powers to incredible effect on the tabletop. The warband includes a Blazing Lord, Brazen Champion, Inferno Priest, Immolator, 2x Fireborn, and 2x Initiates
- Khainite Shadowstalkers – a 9 model warband that strikes from the darkness to deadly effect. This warband includes a Shroud Queen, Slaughtershade, 2x Darkflame Warlocks, and 5x Shroudblades
- A 37-piece set of plastic terrain – including 10 dungeon doorways, 4 bridges, a variety of objective markers, stone ruins, and much, much more!
- A double-sided 22" x 30" folding gaming board
- Tokens, dice, and all the essential accessories you need to play!

Whether you’re a new player looking to kick off your Warcry adventures or a battle-hardened veteran exploring new dimensions to your favourite game, this set is for you.

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