Warscroll Cards: Lumineth Realm-lords (Englisch)

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  • Make referencing your rules easy
  • Cards for every Lumineth Realm-lords warscroll
  • Also includes tokens for tracking ongoing effects

Kategorie: Lumineth Realm Lords

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Thanks to aetherquartz, Lumineth Realm-lords can plan new battle strategies in moments with flawless mental acuity. Mere mortals like us, however, need a little help – which is where these Warscroll Cards come in. This essential reference resource takes all your Lumineth Realm-lords warscrolls and transforms them into easily referenced cards – grab the ones you need for battle, lay them out, and referencing your rules will be a breeze! What's more, this set includes tokens for keeping track of ongoing effects, meaning you'll be able to focus on the battle at hand rather than whether or not you have as much aetherquartz as you remember.

This set includes 13 warscroll cards for referencing units and endless spells, plus two double-sided sheets of push-out Tokens.

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Age of Sigmar Armee: Lumineth Realm Lords
Sprache: Englisch
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