Green Stuff World - MDF Base Adapter - Oval 35x60mm to Square 40x60mm

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Green Stuff World's shape shifting base adapters offer a unique and creative solution for using your miniatures in multiple games without having to overrun your entire army. An example would be adapting your AOS bases with Warhammer Old World bases.

Cut in 3mm MDF wood with high precision laser with pre-cut holes to be able to magnetize with 5x2 or 5x3mm neodymium magnets. They require assembly of the top pieces for which we recommend PVA glue or cyanoacrylate glue.

They are designed to be compatible with various wargames and board games, so they are suitable for a wide range of gaming systems. Whether you play fantasy, science fiction, history or other genres, they can add a touch of realism to your miniatures.

In addition, they can serve as 50mm round to square base adapters. This feature is particularly useful as AOS adapters to Warhammer Old World bases, where the need to use old miniatures becomes a reality.

The adapters have a normal MDF coloured part and a whitish part. The off-white part is created for better adhesion when gluing.

Contains 6x adapters + 6x bases

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