3x Big Energy Walls - Phosphorescent Orange

3x Big Energy Walls - Phosphorescent Orange
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Big Energy Walls - Phosphorescent Orange

Energy walls may be glued to the bases or just use them alone. Holo Walls can be grouped to form other much larger walls, creating sections. In addition, the corners of the bases have 45º angles, and thus enclose any space in your playfields.

Color: Phosphorescent Orange
Thickness: 2'5mm
3x Bases (10x2cm)
3x Energy Walls (10x6cm)

If you do not want to use the bases of the energy walls, we'd recommend the use of ABS Plasticard - Profile H-Beam Columns 6mm (LINK), they will allow plenty of options.

* Fumes of some glues may leave a white stain around the glued areas. Alcohol and tissue paper may be used for cleaning the Areas.

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