Green Stuff World - Acrylic molds - Zig Zag Pavement

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Elevate your dioramas to an unparalleled level of realism with our acrylic molds for modeling regular bricks. These accessories will allow you to create an infinite number of them with precision and consistency, adding authenticity and depth to your creations. They are specifically designed to create miniature regular bricks for use in scale modeling projects. Each model features a variety of patterns and textures that replicate real ones and that modelers will use to shape the air-drying clay.

Our acrylic modeling molds are perfectly complemented by air-drying pastes such as modeling clay DAS, foam clay, and similar products. These options guarantee a faithful and detailed reproduction for your diorama.

Instructions for use:

Using acrylic brick molds is a straightforward process, but it requires some care to ensure you get the best results. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use these molds:

Prepare the mold: Ensure that your acrylic brick mold is clean and dry. Make sure it's free of any debris or dust.
Cover one side of the mold to hold the pieces. You can do this process with baking paper, wet oven paper, mylar plastic, or even airbrush masking tape.
Place the mold on a flat surface: Find a flat and stable surface where you can work comfortably. Place the mold with the paper side down to prevent sticking.
Add air-drying clay: Take a ball of air-drying clay and place it on the mold. Use your fingers to gently press and work the clay into the cavities of the mold. Make sure you fill each brick cavity completely. You may need to adjust the amount of clay to achieve your desired brick size and thickness.
Level the surface: Use the included plastic spatula or the edge of another mold to drag/scrape across the surface of the mold, skimming off any excess clay. This will ensure that the surface is even and smooth.
Let it dry: Allow the clay to dry completely. The air-drying paste has a small degree of shrinkage as it dries, which will help the pieces release from the mold.
Remove the paper: Once the clay is completely dry, carefully peel off the paper tape from the back of the mold. This will help release the hobby bricks.
Remove the pieces: Use a blunt stick (like the reverse end of a brush) to gently push out the individual bricks from the mold. Be careful not to apply too much pressure, as you don't want to damage the delicate acrylic mold.
Smooth the edges: To give your bricks a more realistic look and get rid of any sharp edges, gently rub small amounts of them together between the palms of your hands. This will soften the edges and make the bricks look more like real bricks.
Use the bricks: You can now use the air-dried clay bricks for your crafting or construction project. We recommend gluing the pieces with PVA glue or an acrylic sealer such as Medium Decoupage to secure the pieces.
Remember to handle the acrylic mold with care, as it's not as flexible as rubber or silicone molds and can break if bent.

With our methacrylate molds, your dioramas will come to life with authentic and captivating details - unleash your creativity and build sets that tell stories of their own! Take your projects to the next level of excellence with this essential accessory for lovers of high-quality dioramas.

Quantity: 2x pack

Scale: 1:35 (1:48-1:32)

The thickness of the pieces: 3 mm

Brick size: 2.85 x 5.7 mm

Mould size: 6 x 11 cm

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