- City of Steel

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Official competitive terrain set of Prague Open Warhammer 40k tournaments.

Scenery is made of MDF and printed with colored textures.

Requires assembly. Can be assembled without glue.

Scale if the terrain: 28-32 mm (suitable for tabletop wargames: Warhammer 40 000, Star Wars: Legion and others)

Scenery features:

- easy step by step assembly, can be assembled without glue
- 2x L-shape LOS block. Base 25x20cm (10x8 inches). Height 19cm (8 inches)
- 4x Ruin. Base 16x16cm (6x6 inches). Height 19cm (8 inches)
- 2x Tower. Base 19x19cm (8x8 inches). Height 16cm (6 inches)
- 2x Grounding. Base 25x20cm (10x8 inches).
- 12x Modular walls and endings - to be attached to Grounding elements.
- 4x Barricade. Lenght 15cm (6 inches). Height 3.5cm (1.3 inch)
- set of objective markers (can be used for Warhammer 40000)

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