Green Stuff World - Flexplates For 3d Printers - 202x128mm

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Flexplates For 3d Printers

The magnetic build FlexPlate system was specially developed to ensure the best adhesion and effortless removal of printed parts.
Our system includes a magnetic base with 3M-adhesive backing and a flexible build plate made of high-quality spring steel that does not warp permanently when bent but naturally comes back into shape.

Therefore, after printing, the flexible build plate can be detached from the magnet base and the print will be easily released with a gentle bend of the build plate. Thanks to the unique hexagonal patterned surface design, our FlexPlates have improved adhesion compared to most of the original platforms, which significantly increases the success rate!

Contents: 1 pack of metal plate + magnet plate per package

Since every printer is different when choosing sizes be aware that the magnetic flex plate can be larger than your 3D printer's build plate, but must be smaller than your resin tank.

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