Green Stuff World - MDF Movement Trays ASOIAF - 50mm

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The MDF Movement Trays ASOIAF are tool elements to facilitate the management of units on the battlefield in the miniatures game A Song of Ice and Fire or ASOIAF, developed for lovers of strategy and epic battles, this miniatures game offers an immersive experience where each participant leads an army on a three-dimensional battlefield. They are usually rectangular or elongated bases that contain slots or spaces to place the miniatures in an orderly fashion.

Each unit in the game is assigned a tray that reflects the speed and formation of that particular unit. By using them, players can move their miniatures in a more orderly and efficient manner during the game. This streamlines the attack process and helps maintain consistency in the arrangement of units on the battlefield.

They are a common feature in miniatures games and contribute to the visualisation and fluidity of the game, allowing players to concentrate more on strategy and tactics, rather than on the logistics of moving individual miniatures.

Advantages of MDF Movement Trays ASOIAF in Gameplay

  • Movement Efficiency: allow players to make precise and quick actions, avoiding clutter and confusion on the battlefield. This speeds up the pace of the game and provides more time to focus on strategy.
  • Aesthetic Coherence: The uniform arrangement of miniatures on them adds aesthetic coherence to the game. Actions are more fluid, and units move harmoniously, enhancing the visual experience for players and spectators.
  • Increased Focus on Strategy: By minimising individual miniature management, they allow players to concentrate on the true essence of the game: strategy. They eliminate unnecessary distractions and encourage tactical decision making.

Benefits of MDF Movement Trays ASOIAF in Storage

  • Order and Organisation: When not in use, they act as efficient storage tools. Miniatures remain neat and organised, making it easier to prepare for future games.
  • Protection of Miniatures: They not only aid in storage, but also protect the miniatures from damage. By keeping them in their designated place, the risk of breakage or unwanted wear and tear is reduced.
  • Ease of Transport: they are excellent allies during the transport of miniatures. They provide an extra layer of safety, preventing miniatures from shifting or bumping into each other, which could result in damage.

To enhance your gaming experience and ensure the quality of your accessories, you can explore a wide range of trays designed by Green Stuff World. This product, made from durable and resistant materials, ensure optimal performance over numerous games.

They come as a unit with two pieces of 3mm thick MDF that can be easily glued together with PVA glue.

Dimensions: 70x70mm

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