Green Stuff World - Martian Fluor Grass - Andromeda Pink - 200ml

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Green Stuff World's Martian Fluor Grass is realistic and high quality. Designed for decorating miniature bases or for scenery and terrain building. It is recommended to be applied with pva-glue or tuft glue.

Fluorescent grass is packaged in 200ml closed plastic jars of large capacity for ease of use. This quantity will allow you to easily decorate one or several armies and create dozens of scenery and miniature bases. We recommend using them alone or in combination with our Martian tufts and Martian earth textures.

Contents: 200 ml

Warning: This product is a mixture that includes different colors and sizes of fibers, so the smallest ones could end up settling at the bottom of the product. If this happens, it is recommended that at the end of the jar, the smallest fibers that have been deposited underneath should be finger-picked to maintain a uniform color or mixture.

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