Green Stuff World - Opaque Paint Set - Warm Colours

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Introducing an exclusive Paint Set - Warm specifically designed to enhance the beauty of painting models, miniatures and dioramas with modeling paints. These colours stand out for their extraordinary covering power.

Unlike transparent or translucent ones, these offer complete coverage in a single application, effectively hiding previous layers. Thanks to their thick consistency and high pigment concentration, these paints guarantee vibrant, colourfast results, ideal for crafts, modelling and model making.

Use these paints as a base for starting projects or in areas where exceptional coverage is required. They can be combined with other modelling paints or inks to intensify colour saturation and brightness. They can also be thinned with water or acrylic thinner for airbrush application, offering unrivalled versatility.

Our range comes in dropper bottles equipped with a mixing ball, allowing for fast and efficient mixing. These dropper bottles, together with their stopper, significantly extend the shelf life of the product by virtually protecting it from contact with air.

Each set contains 6x Opaque Paints of 17ml each, providing you with a variety to bring your creative projects to life.

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