Kharadron Overlords - Brokk Grungsson, Lord-Magnate of Barak-Nar

  • A wealthy and ambitious warmaster for your Kharadron Overlords army
  • Soar to the frontlines in a custom dirigible suit, to the victor go the spoils!
  • Wield the best weapons money can buy, including moustache-mounted blasters
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Brokk Grungsson exemplifies the self-made drive and ruthless opportunism of a true Kharadron Overlord. He is rapacious in the hunt for aether-gold, unrelenting at the bargaining table, and daring in his exploration of Chamon's skybound wonders. Grungsson is the only Admiral to successfully lead a fleet around the Spire, the fabled Horn of Chamon, and while lesser duardin might be satisfied with such achievements, the Lord-Magnate of Barak-Nar strives on, hungry for ever-more success. His natural aeronautical talents, mercantile cunning, and aggressive nature mean that such successes rarely escape his grasp...

This multipart plastic kit builds Brokk Grungsson, Lord-Magnate of Barak-Nar. The richest Kharadron privateer alive, Grungsson is borne aloft in an elaborate, custom-made dirigible suit which incorporates a sizable cannon known as Grungsson’s Boast. The Lord-Magnate himself wields a multi-barrelled gun called the Magnate’s Charter and a hefty aethermatic saw for close combat. He also has aetherblasters mounted in his facemask's impressive metal moustache – it seems you really can buy style!

Grunggson's powered suit is covered in all the pipes, valves, cogs and latticework you’d expect from a work of true Kharadron artifice, including mechanical limb-bracers and a filtration system built into his ceremonial zhaktopper hat. Brokk Grungsson is a powerful duardin, and before his enemies die, he wants them to know it.

This kit comprises 46 plastic components, and comes with a Citadel 50mm Round Base and a 35mm ball and socket flying stem. This miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly – we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Colour paints.

Condition: Sealed
Material: Plastic
Age of Sigmar Army: Kharadron Overlords
Item weight: 0,08 kg
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