Dear Gamer Community,

After a lengthy break brought on by the pandemic, we are proud to introduce you to our brand new store in Hof, Germany!

When we moved Games Island to its new location in 2020, we went all-out to offer you an even better shopping and gaming experience in the realm of tabletop games, trading cards, and gaming paraphernalia.

Our efforts have paid off! A few months ago, we were awarded WPN Premium Store status, making us one of the few Premium Stores in Germany.

WPN Premium is a public recognition of the best game stores in the world, awarded by Wizards of the Coast. This status certifies the high quality of our events and the store's facilities.

As a WPN Premium Store, we will receive more Buy-A-Box promo cards and promo boosters for sealed events, as well as exclusive Magic decorations and accessories. We will also offer Collector Boosters directly at our in-store prerelease events, so you don't have to wait until the release date to get them.

And now, let's talk about this new store!

We are now conveniently situated near Hof's Central Train Station. The parking situation has also improved: we have 16 free parking spaces right in front of the store.

Inside our new store, an extensive assortment of trading card games, tabletop games, and accessories awaits. Of course, Magic the Gathering fans will find everything they could wish for – as a WPN Premium Store we always stock all standard sets, as long as they are not sold out at Wizards of the Coast themselves. Our Ultimate Guard display provides you with all manner of card sleeves, binders, deck boxes, and playmats.

Warhammer fans will find not only miniatures, but everything you need to build, paint, and style them.

If you ever need help or are looking for something specific, our experienced staff will be happy to help.

Now that you've got all your supplies, it's time for a match! Let's head to the gaming room!

Leaving behind the rather cramped confines of our old store, we now have over 40 seats for card gamers. There are also 12 new war gaming tables, and we are looking forward to hosting bigger events and tournaments than before. And if the weather's good, our patio offers additional tables and comfortable seats for both playing and relaxing.

We also want to offer you the best ambience and immersion for your tabletop matches: we have themed terrain for everything from fantasy to sci-fi, all 3D-printed and painted by our talented staff.

You won't have to go hungry, either! We have a variety of amenities, including snacks and soft drinks, and there are several fast food restaurants within walking distance. By the way – our snack vending machine also sells Magic Boosters!

Take a video tour of our new store:

As you can see, we have lots in store for you and are thrilled to announce that we are now allowed to host in-person events again, including our weekly Tabletop Thursday and Friday Night Magic.

You can find all upcoming events in our event calendar:

Come visit us in Hof to shop in person, or to sign up for an event!

See you soon!