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Acrylic Color - Original Formula

The GSW Acrylic Color range offers modelers and miniature painters a unique selection of specially formulated paints. These acrylic paints feature an opaque and smooth matte finish.

It was originally developed by skilled artists, this formulation incorporates a generation of pigments to ensure high-quality results. With an extensive palette, the Acrylic Color range covers all essential tones and shades required for wargames, vehicles, miniatures, and dioramas.

The Hobby paints boast a wealth of premium pigments, ensuring vibrant and intense hues. These colors effortlessly create a smooth and even layer of paint that dries quickly while preserving intricate surface details. Ideal for various techniques, including glazes, these paints cater to both seasoned artists and beginners. While specifically designed for brush application, the Acrylic Color paints can also be used with an airbrush by adding a small amount of Acrylic Thinner for optimal results.

The product is a non-toxic, water-based paint that does not contain latex.  Shake well before use. Includes stainless steel mixing ball.

Contains: 17ml.

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