Green Stuff World - Battletech hex bases 32 mm MDF

  • Shape: Hexagonal
  • Size: 32 mm
  • Thickness: 3 mm
  • Content: 20 per pack
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Top-quality MDF Hexagonal bases to accommodate different miniature scales and game systems, such as Battletech robots, will offer a unique aesthetic in multiple wargames since they allow for flexible positioning and formation options. This shape will offer a practical and visually appealing system for movement, combat, and terrain representation.

This size is perfect to be used for BattleTech bases because of their 1.25' from flat to flat, so they fit seamlessly onto any standard 1.25" campaign map or work great in combination with other of our other multi-hex tiles.

They have become a recognizable and integral part of the Battle Tech game's mechanics and identity. This tactical wargame involves maneuvering and positioning various units, such as giant robots known as BattleMechs, on a game board. Its grid system of the game allows for more precise and consistent movement measurements compared to other grid shapes like squares or triangles. Besides it helps in determining the range between units and calculating firing arcs. It simplifies the process of determining which units can engage in combat and provides clear guidelines for line-of-sight rules.

Using this type of product to base your 3D printed figures or to create special and customized sets in your games has a great appeal among gamers and hobbyists.

These feature a new design that includes pre-cut holes, eliminating the need for a modeling hobby hand drill. These holes are specifically sized for inserting 5x2mm neodymium magnets, making it convenient to magnetize your miniatures.

Shape: Hexagonal
Size: 32 mm
Thickness: 3 mm
Content: 20 per pack

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