Green Stuff World - 8x Steampunk Buttons SPROCKET GEARS - Antique Gold

8x Steampunk Buttons SPROCKET GEARS - Antique Gold
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Steampunk Buttons 7/8" - SPROCKET GEARS Design - Antique Gold.

These button pendants have a detailed steampunk influenced design on the front and the reverse is a 4 holes button which can be used as a pendant hanging or a stylish button added to your favorite garment. Perfect for creating a custom bracelet or necklace clasp. When searching for complimentary components such as chain and other findings, we suggest pieces with an antiqued finish rather than a bright finish.
- Buttons are 22mm diameter
- Thicknes 1'5mm.
- Diameter of the holes: 2mm
Quantity: 8 Garment Button / Pendant

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