Green Stuff World - APOXIE SCULPT 1Lb Natural

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Combines the features and benefits of sculpting clay with the adhesive power of epoxy! Its smooth, putty-like consistency is easy to mix & use. Adheres to nearly any surface and is great for sculpting, embellishing, bonding and filling most anything. Accepts paints, stains, mica powders & more for a variety of finishing options. Sand, tap, drill, carve, lathe, etc. after set-up without chipping, cracking or flaking. Crafts and Hobbies - sculpting, embellishin, jewelry, glass art, texture stamps, molds, doll making, home/school projects, hobby models, miniatures, model horses, wood working, etc. Design, Model Making & Special Effects - Create & add to kits/ models; fill & cover seams & armatures; bond, fabricate or extend parts; prototypes; props; aquarium customization; outdoor displays, theme parks; scenery applications; wildlife art ... & more! Be creative with your own uses!

How to use:

  • Wear disposable gloves. Measure equal parts A & B.
  • Mix & knead together for 2 minutes until a uniform color is achieved.
  • Working time 1-3 hours. Self-hardens (No Baking) 24 hour full cure to a rock hard, semi-gloss finish.
  • Clean up: soap & water or Aves Safety Solvent.
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