Green Stuff World - Adjustable metal display - Staircase

GSW Adjustable metal display - Staircase
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GSW Adjustable metal display bracket rack - Staircase

GSW Adjustable metal display with a capacity to hold 60 different types of products, 250-300 products in total. Its versatile design allows you to modify both the height levels and the separation widths between the display hooks, allowing it to adapt to an infinite number of types of products with hang slots for hanging. It is perfect for hanging all sorts of long packaging products such as profiles in 250mm

All the metal accessories are completely interchangeable with the other modules of the same family and can be fixed to the wall to hold their weight.

- Metal bracket rack display: 500mm Lenght x 400mm width x 1700mm height
- 8 levels of hook racks 
- 60 metal hooks of 8cm length
- GSW banner: 500 long x 225 mm high with 2-sided printing

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