Green Stuff World - Claymore Miniatures - The Mad Dreamer

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Collectible bust or fantasy figure designed by Claymore Miniatures. Each bust and figure is produced with pinpoint accuracy using state-of-the-art 3D printing equipment and high-quality materials, ensuring faithful reproduction of detail and exceptional durability.

All busts include a hole on the underside to aid anchoring to wooden plinths. For anchoring, we recommend using epoxy glue or some type of epoxy putty. Some very thin parts may include minor supports to ensure that they are not damaged during transport.

With amazing accuracy and exceptional quality, these busts capture the essence of some incredible characters. Presented in a double-bottom box with a bed of paper shavings to protect the pieces. The pieces come unassembled and unpainted. Not a toy.

Scale: 1:10
Size: 108.31 x 99.26 mm
Brand name and Sculpture: Claymore Miniatures

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