Green Stuff World - Custom D&D Dice Mold

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This DnD dice mold set introduces a high-quality silicone mold designed specifically for crafting D&D dice. Crafted with precision, this Dnd dice mold is compatible with a variety of resin types, including polyurethane, acrylic, epoxy, and UV resin, as well as wax, soap, polymer clays, and more. It serves as an indispensable tool for tabletop gaming enthusiasts and DIY hobbyists seeking to create their custom dice sets.

You can create a complete collection of RPG dice tailored to your preferences and colors.

Heat resistant to 200ºC.

Content: 1 mold to create pieces with the following shapes:

  • 4-Sided
  • 6-Sided
  • 8-Sided
  • 10-Sided
  • 12-Sided
  • 20-Sided
  • 100-Sided


  • Small bubbles may appear in the mold depending on the material.
  • Apply heat to remove them. Alternatively, you may also use a toothpick or other pointed tool to assist in bubble extraction.
  • When filling the mold, allow the resins to overflow to ensure well-formed dice. The excess can then be sanded and polished.
  • It is advisable to place the mold lid slowly and laterally. Never all at once.
  • Clean the mold after each use to avoid color contamination between castings.
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