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Demon Blood

Demonic blood effect paint is a type of acrylic paint specifically designed to create the appearance of bodily fluids on demonic-themed miniatures. It is often used in modeling, wargaming, and other miniatures hobbies to add an extremely realistic touch to dioramas, models, and other horror projects.

It has a bright purple color and a texture similar to real blood which allows it to be used to create splatter effects or open wounds. It is perfect for simulating violent scenes, gruesome miniatures and daemon princes, and bloody battlefields. It is used by artists who enjoy creating macabre themes in their work.

This Daemon Prince acrylic effect can give a unique and realistic touch to your miniatures, but may not be suitable for all audiences sensitive to gore or violence :)

There are many other different types of effects available at Green Stuff World, each designed to create a different fluid look. It is important to choose the right one for your specific project and desired effect.

Contents: 1 dropper bottle 17ml - Valid for brush and airbrush.

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