Green Stuff World - SteamPunk SPIRAL GEARS and COGS Beads 85gr

SteamPunk SPIRAL GEARS and COGS Beads 85gr
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Specially selected SPIRAL Steampunk Gears sourced to provide the parts our customers want most, this consists of a wide range of gears and cogs suitable for steampunk projects or arts and crafts and jewelry making.
These lots are for 80-85 grams of mixed metal Spiral Cogs and Gears, around 40-50 pieces,
Size of pieces are 1'5-2 cm
Made including 7-10 diferent types and 4 colors
Predominant color is bronze.
Second photo gives an example of exactly 80-85 grams so you can judge the amount of parts you will get. Please look at ruler for a guide many parts in each lot. Your parts will be very similar but not identical to the photo.

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