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Medium Decoupage Mate

It is a low-viscosity transparent drying acrylic adhesive, sealer, and varnish with multiple applications in the decoupage technique, handicrafts, as well as model making. Apply with a brush or weathering sponge, and clean with water. It can be tinted with pigments, acrylic inks, and paints to obtain other finishes. Drying time 20-30 minutes. Total cure 3-4 weeks. It can be used as a modeling glue for a multitude of materials such as paper cutouts, fabrics, photographs, or several scenery elements in dioramas, as a surface insulator with application in puzzles and decoupage works, and finally as a sealant for porous surfaces such as foam and other textured Elements.

Possible applications:

  • GLUE: Apply a moderate coat in the indicated area as you would do with any other glue. Depending on the desired strength, apply a second thin coat over the entire area to increase strength.
  • SEALER and VARNISH: Apply a thin uniform coat with a brush on the surface and let dry for 20-30 minutes allowing it to dry between each application. Subsequent coats will increase sealing and resistance.

Content: 250ml

Warning: When closing Medium Decoupe products, as they are also a glue, ensure that both the closing area and the cap remain free from any product residue. Failure to do so may result in the cap becoming glued to the neck of the bottle, causing challenges when attempting to reopen it in the future.

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