- Everdell - Player's Board - Unofficial Board Game Mat - Horizontal, Base Game

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Non-slip rubber mat dedicated to Everdell game. The mat shows a green field with spaces for cards and accessories. Such a visual setting allows you to better feel the game, which greatly increases the gameplay experience. In addition to the increased aesthetic value of the game, the mat also allows for proper arrangement of accessories and protects them from damage and shifting. Unofficial product, compatible with the game Everdell.

Product Type / material Rubber mat for board games
Material Natural rubber 2 mm, polyester on one side
Print single-sided
Main pattern Everdell
Finishing laser cutting
Compatible games Everdell: Pearlbrook, Everdell: Spirecrest, Everdell
Size / Dimensions 31 cm x 42 cm / 12" x 17"
Variant Horizontal - base game


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