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Swamp Set

With this selection of materials and paints you can create wet mudflats or humid environments, replicating the typical effects of swampy areas.

The different decorative UV-water, vegetation, moss, and other swamp animals included in this set will allow you to customize your scale model or diorama, giving a touch of realism and originality to the scene. Perfect for beginners and hobbyists alike, these modeling and wargaming materials will help you bring your vision to life.


  • Ultraviolet Resin 17ml - Water Effect
  • Mud Textures - SWAMP MUD 30ml
  • Mud Textures - DARK BROWN MUD 30ml
  • Pigment WILD MOSS
  • Paper Plants - Bracken Ferns
  • Pigment MIDDLE EARTH
  • Islandmoss - Green Mix
  • Ultraviolet Torch
  • Grass TUFTS XXL - 22mm self-adhesive - DARK GREEN
  • Grass TUFTS - 12mm self-adhesive - DRY GREEN
  • Resin pieces: Frogs and Fishes
  • Small tree bark
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