Green Stuff World - Elastic Bands for Board Games 200mm - Pack x4

Elastic Bands for Board Games 200mm - Pack x4
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Elastic Bands

Set of elastic bands to close board game or wargame boxes that will keep the boxes attached to their lids so you can transport them or take them off the shelf without the risk of them opening and the contents falling out.

The 3cm wide rubber bands are reinforced with a leather finish to ensure no damage to the cardboard boxes, allowing them to be used even with damaged or worn boxes.

Choose from the 3 sizes available to suit the size of your box according to the following:

- Size S (200mm) and in burgundy: longest side + height < 350mm. Example:  Warhammer - Nightvault, Mice and Mystics, and Marvel United.

- Size M (300mm) and in blue: longest side + height < 550mm. Example:  Starwars Legion, Warhammer Quest - Blackstone Fortress, Twilight Imperium, Terraforming Mars, or Lords of Hellas.

- Size L (400mm) and in green: longest side + height < 750mm. Example:  Dungeon Universalis, or the Gloomhaven.

4x elastic bands for board games.
Size S (200mm)

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