Green Stuff World - Silicone Painting Mat with Edges 450x300mm

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Optimize your miniature painting experience with our Paint Mat with Edges, designed for total safety and comfort. It includes strategically designed containment edges, and this painting mat prevents unwanted paint spills, keeping your work area clean and tidy.

This article not only offers you protection from spills but also maximizes your efficiency with its multiple functional features. With a capacity for up to 12 paint pots of different sizes, from 12ml to 60ml, you'll always have your colors within reach. In addition, it features two paint palettes with 11 slots each, giving you ample space to mix and test colors.

For added versatility, this article includes several multi-purpose recesses of different sizes, as well as two dedicated areas for storing up to 16 hobby paintbrushes, keeping them organized and ready for use. Plus, in the top area, you can easily attach our Brush Rinser to conveniently clean your brushes.

Made from high-quality silicone, this is embossed and it is non-slip, easy to clean, and soft to the touch, giving you a pleasant and hassle-free working experience. In addition, its work/painting space fits perfectly with standard size 450x300mm cutting mats, allowing you to integrate other modeling tools according to your needs.

This item is easily washable, which even allows you to paint on it and practice mixing and color testing. You can clean it with a little alcohol.

With painting mats, take your modeling art to the next level with confidence and peace of mind. Get the most out of every painting session with this must-have tool for any modeling enthusiast - get yours today and experience the difference!

This product has an optional assembly by adding a 450x300mm hobby cutting mat also available in our official store. The compatible articles that we sell are also foldable and can be inserted in the center when tougher jobs that may damage the silicone are required.

Do not cut with sharp tools or cutters on this as this could irreversibly cut it.
This product is not a cutting mat, but it is compatible to be used with them at the same time.



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