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A Hobby Cutting Block by Green Stuff World is a specialized tool primarily designed for hobbyists, crafters, and model builders. It is a small cutting mat with more functionalities but with a smaller size which serves as a multifunctional and protective surface for various hobby modeling and crafting tasks, combining the features of a Rubber Dampening Block and the functionality of a self-healing cutting mat while possessing distinct advantages.

  • High-Quality Polyurethane Rubber Block: It has been meticulously crafted by Green Stuff World from top-quality polyurethane rubber. This choice of material ensures exceptional durability, making it suitable for prolonged use in crafting projects. Notably, the rubber is free from unpleasant odors, contributing to a comfortable workspace.
  • High Abrasive Resistance: It has been specifically engineered to withstand abrasion, enabling it to accommodate various cutting and crafting tools, such as hobby knives, hammers, hand drills, and cutters, without suffering significant wear and tear. This durability ensures that it remains a dependable surface over time.
  • Excellent Anti-Tear Degree: Green Stuff World's Hobby Cutting Block exhibits an impressive anti-tear degree, meaning it resists damage, even when subjected to sharp implements. This property guarantees its longevity and provides a reliable surface for precise work.
  • Reversible Block: It has been designed to be reversible, offering different functional cutting surfaces. When one side shows signs of wear, users can simply flip it over, effectively extending its lifespan and usability.
  • Vibration Absorption: One of the notable features is its ability to absorb vibrations generated during cutting and crafting. This quality significantly reduces hand fatigue, contributing to more accurate and comfortable work by minimizing the transfer of vibrations from hobby tools to the user's hand.
  • Waterproof and Anti-Aging Material: The polyurethane rubber used is waterproof, ensuring resistance to moisture and liquids commonly encountered in crafting projects. Additionally, its anti-aging properties mean it remains functional and reliable over time, maintaining its effectiveness in protecting work surfaces.
  • Space-Saving and Protective Design: It has been specifically designed for workspaces with limited available space. Its compact design allows users to perform heavy tasks and crafting tasks without the need for a large workbench. This not only safeguards the work surface but also prevents accidental damage to the underlying workbench, such as drilling marks.

This is an indispensable tool for hobbyists and crafters which provides a robust and adaptable non-slip surface with features that combine the durability of high-quality polyurethane rubber, freedom from unpleasant odors, resistance to abrasion and tearing, vibration absorption, and a reversible design. This versatile hobby tool serves as an excellent safeguard for your work surface enhances precision, and is particularly beneficial in compact workspaces, effectively preventing accidental damage to your workbench while offering a comfortable and efficient work environment.

And most importantly, it is easy to carry, with a super cool design and when you don't need it you can store it comfortably in a drawer because its small size makes it easy to handle.

This set includes 1 rubber block.

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